March 28th, 2016... I drove myself to the hospital

Devon • 28. female. happily engaged. momma to Caiden Edward. Annaliese Rose due November 27th via C section.

130am on March 28th, I was getting off the highway to return home after a bit of cuddles and snuggles with my SO. I was 37wks and 4 days pregnant. I listen to a lot of metal core and was jamming out to a song when I felt a bit of pressure and a flood of fluid... my water had broken. I calmly called my fiance and said that I didn't mean to alarm him, and that my water broke. Instantly, I heard his breath get heavier. He and I made plans for me to pick him back up after I got my over night and diaper bag from my place. Calling the doctor, I gathered my son's things as well as my own, and I was instructed to come in asap, seeing as though contractions hadn't begun.

This is where is starts to get interesting. My honey was supposed to drive us to the hospital... poor thing was throwing up from being nervous the entire drive there, while i, as cool as a cucumber, drove us the entire way.

Even better still... contractions didn't start until we arrived, and was only in labor for 12 hours and 8 minutes. Caiden Edward Ball was born 3.28.16 at 3:08pm, 7lbs and 5oz via c section, and was 16 days early.

He is now 10 weeks old and around 12lbs, if not more.