"How many times...?"

Jill • 18 | high school senior | 6 months in a relationship
I get asked by my friends how many times my current boyfriend and I have had sex (he's my first, I'm not his but it doesn't really matter) and I'm thinking it's not really your business but ok and I honestly don't know how many times we've done it, we've done it quite a bit and there's nothing wrong with that bc we're dating. I tell them "I'm not really sure" and they're like "THAT MUCH?!" Like they slut shame me?? For having sex with my boyfriend?????? I'm like why does it matter? We've been in a consistent relationship for almost 9 months and we're safe about it most of the time (I know we should ALWAYS be safe but it just doesn't happen that way sometimes). Ugh that's all rant over sorry