Did she drop?


It seems way too soon since I'm only 31+2 (also when the second picture is from) and I'm doubting it honestly but I wanted to get some opinions!

Friday my dad told me that my stomach had dropped and I noticed that I was feeling movement in my pelvis instead of near my ribs which is where I've felt almost all kicks. I have started having back pain, feeling hiccups in my pelvis, when I'm sitting my stomach is in the way almost and touches my thighs, and I have been able to eat more. And the bottom of my bump is much more sensitive than it used to be.

But it could all be a coincidence or maybe she has jus gotten bigger or she just turned head down and it feels different, I can't tell! I'm only 4'10 so maybe she is just out of room! She laid transverse up until recently so it's so hard to tell for me!

I'm not really concerned about preterm labor, I'm just wondering what everyone thinks! Thanks! :)

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