Not normal?

First of all, just do one if you're going to be bitchy or just hatful, honestly can't deal with it anymore. Enough upset for now.
Anyway, I had an abortion 10weeks ago now, and after 5 weeks and a few days the bleeding stopped, then 4 days later, it came back, it started just random bursts, then I had a fleshy clot not bloody but like flesh, and was quite big, (no not the feutus) and I've been having really heavy bleeding but it's not constant, it happens for so long then stops for say an hour, but I went for a wee just now, and i had blood coming out my vagina, bright red, and it was coming out like a wee would, (bleeding was after I had my wee) and there was a lot, I'm really worried! And need help or advice! My doctor is sending me for a camera inside my womb, but not sure when and just need any help off anyone who knows anything. But just please no hate, i never wanted this