Unhealthy Relationship, I need advice🙁

Ok so I was in a relationship months ago and everything was going good, but then he started changing and broke up with me because his bitch ass ex girlfriend wanted to try again, but of course I was like "and what about me (I lost my virginity to him and we had future plans you know) but since she was being like an extra bitch decided she didn't want him back and so theybroke up again, but I didn't know about them being together because him and I never stopped talking so I felt like he was keeping me around just in case, then we got back together but he said he needs time before we make it official again, but he's not even sweet anymore, he's really "friendly," and he also gets really annoyed when I get jealous, but how can I trust him if he did that to me you know, but he's always telling me we need to just be friends while we fix things, that if I keep being this possessive he'll leave me, what should I do? Should I just let him be or should I fight for something?