What to wear after delivery?

Hi ladies,
I know lots of people recommend wearing the hospital's gowns the entire time you're there so that you don't bleed/mess on your own stuff. It also sounds like one of the huge reasons people say gowns are easier is because they allow the nurses to check your nether region much more easily.
My specific question is this: if you're wearing the hospital's mesh panties and thunderpads anyways, then does the gown really allow easier access than boxer or PJ shorts? It seems like if you're already having to pull down the panties, then it's literally no extra time or effort to also pull down loose comfy shorts. 
Thoughts? I know the most important thing is to be comfortable and that you will get nasty stuff on anything you're wearing, I'm really just trying to figure out if gowns *actually* are easier or more convenient than cheap (black) boxer shorts.