8 weeks 5 days and miserable!

Shawna • I`m 40 years old and my husband is 36. This is our first baby, due Jan 12, 2017!
The nausea kicked in fur me at exactly 7 weeks. But boy oh boy was I in for a surprise, today I feel the worst at 8 weeks 5 days. This is my first baby and I'm 39. Migraines from 5 weeks on. The nausea today is all day and I have to work tomorrow. 😫 but the migraine on top of it is excruciating. I'm lucky to not be constantly vomiting so I sure do feel for you if you've been hit with it that severe. It's not fun I could only imagine.  My obgyn called in Zofran fur the nausea and Tylenol #3 for the headache relief. My head is that bad. I've been laying on ice packs and heating pads and I'm still so miserable. I got lucky that I didn't have to work today. And I dint have little ones to look after yet. But I care for my little dog and even that has been tedious. I never thought I'd feel this lousy and anxiety ridden. Can anyone relate??