Is it normal to want to stick a fork in my husbands eye at 1 month PP? Haha. I honestly love him but seriously everything he does right now drives me crazy. I can feel my mood change when he gets home from work. I had PP depression with my first child but I was a single mother so didn't go through this. The way he talks to the baby annoys me because he has never been around babies so he tries to "play" with her and tickle her and I honestly just want to scream. She is a month old!!! She just wants to eat, sleep and poop! He thinks he is helping me at times and I just want him to back away and let me do it the right way and get it done. I feel awful for feeling this way because I love my husband with everything I have but think I have PP depression again. I am BF so don't want to go back on my Celexa right now but can't stand to feel this way every day.