Nothing • 20 ✨ Christopher born 7.27.2016 💙 happy 💗🐰🐱
I used to puke everyday almost every hour even if it was just water for like 3 months in the beginning. That's been over for a while and I haven't had any symptoms at all. They stopped at about 20 weeks. Now I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I have the worst heartburn ever.
I take tums and it doesn't do anything. I tried drinking milk.
I don't even eat spicy or acidic food. I get heartburn from literally any food at all. What do I do to make it go away? I want to cry most days it's so awful! I'd rather be throwing up every day again than have this.
Why can't I have swollen ankles or something?! Not heartburn 😭😭😭