Used City Select Stroller Deal - Yes or No...


So I have the option of buying a used city select stroller with just about 1 year of use (looks like really good condition, though I plan to examine it further in person) for $750 (I live in Canada and the best price I can get this stroller for is $1030 for just the basic single stroller and additional seat). This stroller includes both seats, cup holder, snack bar for both seats, glider board, seat covers.... included in the price.

We really want a stroller than can grow with us as we plan to start trying for our second child around when our first child turns 1.

The hang up I have is the fact that our first isn't due till November and I plan to baby wear quite a bit until baby starts walking and wanting to have more freedom (about when we would be trying for our second) So aside from having a stroller on the rare occasions we might want it in the first year... We don't technically NEED this stroller for another year and a half and I feel like maybe there will be better options for growing strollers at that point... Am I jumping the gun too much? Would it be better to hold out until we NEED a stroller even if that risks paying full price for the ideal one or sacrificing convenience for price...? Would I be better off buying a stroller new even if this one is in good shape...?

Advice from mom's with stroller experience would be much appreciated, thanks ☺