My mother-in-law and my mom disagree

I'm a new mom to be and am curious what everyone's oppionion is on co-sleeping? My mother-in-law says she co-slept with all of her kids ( she had five! So obviously lots of experience) and told me she would suggest co-sleep because generally people who accidentally fall asleep on their babies are generally a little heavier and that's why they can't feel them. (I'm thin) She also said its more convenient and it highly reduces the risk of SIDS. My mom said she is super lucky she didn't roll over on her baby because she wouldn't feel them and weight has nothing to do with it. She is insistent that co-sleep is very dangerous. I would just like to see some other oppionions on the topic of what people think and what you do! So far i was thinking of having a bassinet by my bed for the first little while so I can just breast feed in bed and return them to the bassinet when they are done.