She's making me want to stop. Need encouragement!

Samantha • FTM with our precious baby girl!! Due January 31st 2016 💗💜💖 My husband and I couldn't be any more happy!!
Need some serious encouragement!  Sorry this will be kind of long.. But I feel like all these details are important. I would appreciate your guys input... 
So my LO just turned 4  months, I've been breast-feeding since day one. The first month and a half I would pump and give her a bottle once a day during the middle of the night when she woke up for one of her feedings. But now I haven't pumped in months. 
Now lately, probably 60% of the feedings throughout the day and night, she starts sucking for a few seconds then turns her head and starts crying then sucks again and cries (more of a annoyed winey cry) and then won't eat, and I think because she's getting so impatient for my let down. ** I've always had a fast and heavy let down** but lately my let down is not fast anymore. So I think that's why she gets fussy and impatient during feedings. I know that she doesn't have thrush, or an ear infection. I don't really eat that much dairy either. Btw I drinks tons of water, like a gallon and a half a day. And she has plenty of wet diapers, and has about 2-3 really good bowel moments a day. My husband and I think she's kinda teething also, because for weeks now, she drools like CRAZY and wants to chew on our hands, and toys etc.  
My whole point on sharing all of this with you is because during these feedings where she doesn't eat, it makes me want to stop nursing soo bad!! It frustrates me like crazy then starts to stress me out, and I know being stressed while trying to nurse is a no no. I know I should never quit on a bad day, but I'm thinking of exclusively pumping instead now. But I know if that gets too annoying, I'll eventually switch to formula. ** She's a small baby also. 4months old and weighs almost 12 and a half pounds. But she's long, like 25inches. So I worry about her not getting enough to eat.** Please someone tell me they have gone through something similar to this. I have always loved breastfeeding, This phase making me so emotional and frustrated.  Please help this discouraged and emotional mama.