Nervous, afraid, but hopeful

CD32, 20DPO - last month my period was 3 days early, heavy the first day then light the last 3 days - was only 4 days long. My period was supposed to come on Saturday/'s now Wednesday morning and nothing. I did take a test this past Friday, and to me it looked like there were two lines, one very very very faint line - so faint I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I'm now trying to wait as long as possible to take another test cause I don't believe I'm pregnant. I've had nausea but I'm convinced it's from the prenatal pills, my boobs aren't sore but my nipples are super sensitive, I'm very irritable, and crampy. Which are all signs of my period also. We've used preseed the last two months while I was ovulating so I'm not quite sure what to think. I'm nervous to take a test cause I'll be disappointment (yet again). I'm going to wait until tomorrow or Friday to take another test. Please keep your fingers, toes, tongues..anything crossed for us!! 😊👏🏼 sprinkle some baby dust for us