C-Section Recovery With Toddler Tips?

Hi Ladies - does anyone have experience with recovering from a c-section with a toddler at home as well? I'm scheduled for my second c-section on August 15th (!!) and our first born little lady will be 25 months old. My recovery from my first was rough, but it also included a very long and complicated labor before surgery...hoping this recovery is better!   
She is getting a "big girl bed" for her birthday later this month but realistically I'm not expecting her to be fully transitioned out of her crib by the time baby comes (who will be in a bassinet in our room initially) so I know she will need to be lifted a lot. She isn't really ready for the potty so it's still diaper duty around here. 
Obviously I'll need lots of help from another adult...my husband will be home for about two weeks and our moms have said they would like to help as much as they can. But I'm so used to doing everything with/for my daughter now and her little world is about to be shaken up quite tremendously! I'm just wondering if anyone has any great tips for making the first few weeks a bit easier?  I'm not really even nervous for a second c-section, but this is the part that keeps me up at night!