29 weeks 1 day...waiting game.


Yesterday I hit the 29 week mark and was in bed contracting on and off. Around 8pm they got more consistant so i began timing them. The first time written was 846. They were consistant alright. 2-4 minutes apart 30-60 seconds each. Started dull and achy got painful went back to dull and achy and gone and kept going.

I called my OB and was admitted over night for eval.

They hooked me up to the monitor and the contractions were now 2 minutes apart each time. They checked my cervix no change. Checked again about 2 hours later still no change. Checked again at 5 am and still no change. Cervix is closed and high and long. So I thought well that's really good.

However my first 2 pregnancies I didn't dilate until my water broke, they believe this will happen again. I had two 34 weekers and we are hoping to make it to that point again. They said preterm contractions but not preterm labor. Until my cervix changes I will not be considered in preterm labor. And although the contractions are now slowed down and spread out and I got to come home, it is a waiting game.

Like I said we hope for about 5 more weeks but there is a good chance baby Logan will not wait that long. They didn't give me any medication and have stated that they won't. They said they can delay labor but cannot stop it, so if I do go into labor they will just be letting things take their course. Needless to say I am a nervous wreck. 😕