3 weeks old-no eye contact

Worried momma here. This is my 2nd baby. First girl. I feel like a FTM all over again. This baby is complete opposite my first. My first was a 9lb baby and came out so alert. He instantly made eye contact with me. 
This baby was born a week early weighing only 5lb 15oz. The first week and a half she literally slept all day every day. 
She is now 3 wks old and still won't make eye contact. She will look at me every once in a while but it's like she's looking through me. She will look behind me or around me but not at me. She has become very fussy and wants to eat all the time. She is not easily entertained and just seems uncomfortable unless she is sleeping. 
I know it's silly but I am already concerned about her being autistic. Can anyone reassure me that my lo isn't the only exhibiting these behaviors? I am driving myself crazy and finding it hard to enjoy my time with her I am so worried. 
Thank you!