Labor soon?! 🙏🏽

I'm 38 weeks 3 days 
3cm and 70% effaced as of yesterday! I walked 3 miles at work today and been bouncing on the yoga ball since I got home from work! Took a warm bath and did the dirty with the hubby!  Went to go pee and guess what was on the toilet paper! My "Bloody show" a whole lot of it! I hope this mean something!! I really do lol sorry I'm just a little excited because right after I lost my plug with my other pregnancy I went into labor a few hours later 🙏🏽😩 come on baby!! I'm ready for you!!! 
Update: have been admitted to the hospital..5cm and fully effaced! It's now 4:00am 6/9/16 
I need prayers :) 
Update: 1:40 pm we have a baby!!!