I know I need to go to a dr to confirm, but just out of curiosity, what do you guys think?

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Im 24, and my husband and I have been ttc for over a year now. Sadly, I've had two (known) miscarriages. Once last summer, at 6 weeks and then again this past January at 10 weeks. In January though, we found out that some pains I had been having were being caused by a mass in my abdomen. The obgyn told me it was too big for them to be able to do anything about, so she referred me to an oncologist. I went in and out of his office a couple times a week for almost a month until I had my surgery to have it, along with my left ovary and Fallopian tube removed. Turns out it was 29cm big (about the size of a basket ball) and they drained 6 liters of fluid out of it.
 They told me they were pretty sure the pressure from the mass, which they think was an ovarian cyst that got out of control (I have pcos) and that since it was now taken care of after who knows how long it's been in there, that I "should" be able to have children.
 We haven't really been purposeful in trying since then since we wanted to make sure that I had ample time to heal up completely on the inside. I now have a five inch scar below my belly button to remind me of why it's important to go to the dr more often. While it hurts to see it sometimes because it reminds me of my last miscarriage, it also gives me a bit of hope that maybe I'll be able to conceive and possibly carry full term now that the mass is gone and I'm healed up almost 6 months later. 
With that being said, my last period was in April (from the 19th-25th). 
On may 28th I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Of course my husband and I were ecstatic! We were really hopeful that this would be our "sticky bean". 
However, this past Sunday afternoon I began feeling sick. Not "morning sickness/mild nausea" sick, but "so dizzy I can't stand/I passed out for 2 hours after my shower" sick. That evening my husband and I were standing in the kitchen about to make dinner when I got a little dizzy and nauseous again. I grabbed the counter and he grabbed my arm and I began to feel blood pouring down my leg.. I cleaned myself up and went to bed. 
When I woke up Monday morning the bleeding had stopped, but by noonish, it was back again. But more like a medium flow period, and it would happen for an hour and then stop for a couple of hours before returning. Yesterday it was medium/light for a few hours and today it has been light/ almost non existent. I haven't passed any clots or clumps of tissue like with previous miscarriages. Before they would be huge and painful to pass, and I've been very observant this time and seen nothing but straight blood. 
As I said, I know I need to go to a dr and I have an apt this Friday, but I was wondering what you guys might think. Do you think this is another miscarriage? Or maybe my body is just continuing with its unpredictability? I took another pregnancy test on Monday, but it literally didn't say one way or the other. No lines showed up at all. I summed it up to be a dud test, and that I'll just wait to see what my dr says.. But yeah, was just wondering what you guys think of all of this :/