3 year old has always refused sleep

Alyssa • STM - 3 year old daughter and baby boy on the way ❤

Hi there! We have a 3 year old daughter who has always been a terror at sleeping. Since she was an infant, she required a lot of our effort to fall asleep. Then, up until now, she is 3 years old, she still fights her sleep EVERY NIGHT.

We have tried everything, I kid you not. Everything from:

- strict bed time routine including a bath, pjs, book, cuddling.

- set consistent bed time that coincides with when she naturally gets tired

- no TV or sugar at least 5 hours before bed

- she attends full time daycare where she plays all day

- we have a nightlight in her room and a lamp with dim light as well

- white noise machine snce she was an infant

- we will bring her favorite toys to bed wth her

- we will check in with her after 10 minutes of fussing and slowly space it further

- we give her choices

There's probably more we have tried but, nothing seems to work for our daughter. She will still scream and cry for us and bang on her door (it isn't locked, she can open it but she won't come out).

I'm just looking for any advice or a glimmer of hope that this will get better.

Any advice is welcome!