Who wants to laugh??

So my boyfriend of 2.5 years and I were with each other today laying in bed just relaxing and things started to heat up. Of course we've been together for a while so we're both very comfortable with each other. Well.. He has this love of me laying on my back and then him picking my hips up at a little angle almost as if I had a pillow under my butt. As he was trying to do this he missed.. Everything was going fine and then all of a sudden OUCH. SHIT WHAT THE HELL. yep he missed and went straight anal. And we have never done that before purely because that's just not something I'm interested in. (No judge to anybody who is just not for me). Well after the mood killer we decided to go to the grocery store to get things for dinner and I had to pee. As I go to wipe there is blood EVERYWHERE. And now I have a rip on my booty and it hurts to bend or sit down. So yes my almost awesome day ended up with a tender asshole. How was your day??