Guys. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

So. I've been talking to this guy for almost 3 years now. We don't live in the state. We are a little over a thousand miles away. And we haven't been able to meet. But we've video chat etc.Β 
Anyways. So. I was absolutely head over heels for him. And was for a while. But he had feelings for another girl. I would always try to push my feelings aside and be close friends with him. But every so often it would really get to me. And id tell him. Or well blubber to him about it. And he would just tell me he isn't ready. That he cares for me. But his ex left him in a hard place. Anyways. So. Over time I've kind of had my "glo up" not to sound conceited. But I'm a fairly decent looking girl. So. (I had boyfriends or guys I talked to here and there also. But nothing serious) last summer I started dating this guy. I fell head over heels. And we had a great relationship. I never felt so in love with anyone before as I did him. Anyways. So. Me and him broke up in December. Well. I of course cry to the guy. And tell him how upset I am. How much I loved him. And I mean. He knew. I always talked about how much I adore him. Then he decides right at this time to drop the bomb on me that he is in love with me and wants to be with me. That it quote "took seeing you happy with Jourdan to see that" and, Idk. I just. I was hurt and disgusted. I was so vulnerable and hurt. And the last thing I wanted was to deal with someone else's feelings. And I just closed up. I barely talk to him. Because honestly I'm angry. Angry that it took so long. Angry that me telling him over and over again that I had feelings for him. That I cared about him so much. And having to pick up the pieces when the girls I told him would hurt him, hurt him. That basically because I was with someone else. Then. Β Then he decided he could like me. That I was worthy then. Anyways. I just got off the phone with him. And he basically was complaining. Telling me that I need to put in more work. That he wants to be with me. Blah blah. But then he tells me that he was in a bad place. And didn't want to bring me into it. That he was hurt and depressed. And so I ask him "well how do you think I feel? My heart got ripped out by Jourdan. You blindsided me with your feelings. I'm not in the best place mentally. But I'm supposed to be prepared now?" All he sai was "I just need you to text me more." REALLY??Β