So I lost my virginity (in a way) to my first boyfriend some 5 months or so ago. We do it/ have done it many more times after that obviously lol however it's wierd in a way because he can't penetrate me all the way.. I am about 95% sure I have vaginismus which is involuntary tightening of the vagina.. It's very painful for him to penetrate me but he still feels pleasure from the much of what he can penetrate me and so do I.. I orgasm. It's difficult though because sometime he does hurt me. I'm just wondering if there are any girls out there who are experiencing the same thing as me and if you are how have you overcome it or are dealing with it? I am aware of dialators and all but I'm a bit scared of trying the dialators then having a baby later on.. Basically I'm afraid of what it could do to my vagina lol