Anyone hate their job??

Krystin • Pregnant with our first due Sept 2020!!
Ok I'm gonna vent here for a little! Sorry if it's long! Does anyone hate their job and just do it because they need the money? Have you ever had a job that just isn't for you and you can't handle it or take the stress of it? I just got a job recently like this it's a good paying job but very fast passed its not hard just a lot to do in little time and very stressful! The management of the place is horrible very unorganized and miss communication. If it was run the way it was supposed to be and had patients that were supposed to be there and got rid of the ones that don't belong there it would be OK to work at but that's not the case. I cannot work there everyday and be so stressful and so miserable and cry after I get off work because it's a horrible day everyday I go in. I keep trying because I want to make my parents and husband happy and proud of me but I cannot do that any longer. My family may think I'm weak or lazy or whatever and frankly I don't care anymore because I have to take care of myself and make myself happy too. I just know they won't understand and will make it harder for me. I don't know if anyone else has been in a situation like this before or not but I just had to vent! I have no one at home to talk to or that will listen and understand. If you read this and comment great if not it's ok I just needed to let it all out! Sorry for a long post!