Thoughts & opinions please.


What do you think is a fair price?

I start watching my cousin's kids come Monday. We are currently talking about what she would pay me. She has four kids of her own & one of from her husband's past relationship. They vary between 1-8. I know I won't always have all five bc the one does go to his mom's.

She was paying her little sister 100$ a wk to watch them but she's 15 & had help from her mom & grandma too.

I wasn't really think much more, my bf & I were actually discussing it being like 200$ a week. Which is way cheaper than any daycare around here. They charge $150 a week per kid. I don't want to be too high, but don't want to low ball myself either.

I mean I'm gonna have them Mon.- Fri. 7:30a- 5:30p.

What would you say is a fair price?