Side effects

This is my first cycle taking clomid 50mg. I'm also on estradiol and prometrium. I have one more day of prometrium left. I didn't have too many side effects from the clomid but I did have some serious nightmares. A few hot flashes here and there as well. Now I'm tracking my baby as well and my temps are all over the place but today they dropped lower than my base temp. The lowest it's been since I've started tracking. We've been being every other day and while I haven't had ovulation cramps yet, which I usually get I've had some weird things happen. On CD 9 after we bd I had some very light pink spotting. Two wipes and it was gone. We didn't do anything differently and that's not normal for me. Last night I felt a few twinges in my ovary area but it lasted a few minutes and was done. This morning I had an almost pinching feeling in the same area. I also feel nauseaus and super gassy. I know the meds affect everyone differently but has anyone had this experience? It's too early to be anything else. I'm on cd 12 right now.