Boyfriend left while pregnant

I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant which makes me the happiest person in this planet to be blessed with my jelly bean. I found out i was pregnant at 6 week told my boyfriend and he said he didn't want it he wanted me to get an abortion and have things go back to normal. I told him I wouldn't do, he got mad said he hated me weeks past by he kept messaging me saying he was sorry he wasn't there for me he knew he was doing wrong. Then he called me one day saying he would take custody of my baby and would never let me see he/she again. He called and said he wanted to work things out that he would be there for both of us, he would bring me lunch pick me up from the office everything seemed like it was falling back into place, but he kept insisting for us to have sex all the time that's all he wanted. Kept calling me fat and saying he would leave me for someone who skinny and could do things right, last night I decided to get him out of my life forever and It has been the hardest thing to do since we have been together since high school I'm currently 20 and I feel like everything is falling apart I'm trying to move on but it seems like I can't. How have others gotten through this. I know it was the best decision for me and my baby specially since my family has been supportive since they found out.