I feel like I'm not allowed to be excited..

This is long.. Sorry. 
A little backstory: I'm a single mother of a one year old boy and 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl. 
My sons father hasn't been around at all. We broke up practically the day o found out I was pregnant. My daughters father is in the picture, but we are not together (we decided it'd be best to just be friends).
 (Also before there are any rude comments. I was on birth control both times I got pregnant and was also using codons the second time) 
My family was very disappointed and judgemental when I found out I was pregnant. My grandparents told my daughters father that they felt sorry for him because now he was trapped, and told me that my life just keeps going down hill. 
I constantly get comments about "how are you gonna handle two?" (Which makes me feel like people already think I'm a bad mother) and "if you know what causes it. Stop!"
My main point of this post is I feel like I'm not allowed to be excited about my baby. 
Two of my sisters, my aunt, and my cousin are also pregnant and everyone is always asking them how they feel/about doctors appointments/about names and if I even bring up my pregnancy, people roll their eyes at me.
Just the other day my grandma said "we're going to have a lot of babies!" And started naming them all off and left out my baby and my aunt said "and Harper!(my baby)" and my grandma said "oh yeah. That one." And rolled her eyes. 
I know this isn't the perfect situation, but for 7 months everyone has been making me feel like crap for it. When someone asks me if I'm excited, I shouldn't feel like I have to say no. (Which actually happened.. My little sisters friend asked if I was excited and I didn't even answer) 
I don't know if I have a question, or if I'm just venting. I don't know.