Hate being pregnant 😞

Grace β€’ cant wait to meet my little lady πŸŽ€

Pity party warning!

HG makes me feel so defeated. Weeks and weeks and weeks of being absolutely sick and miserable has taken a major toll on me mentally and physically. I finally tried to get a job at 19 weeks (20 weeks now) because my throwing up went from like 20 times a day to about 5 and that was managable. But then I have days like today when I wake up before sunrise already sick as hell, throw up everything that I try to eat or drink, and resort to laying in bed with my eyes squeezed shut trying to just focus on breathing. I have to be at work in a couple hours for a training shift. I don't know how I'm going to hold this job but we desperately need the money. I wish I could just enjoy this pregnancy like 99% of women out there. I don't know why my body is like this 😞