Becoming a stay at home mom (SAHM)

So many ppl in my life are giving me shit about our decision for me to stay home with our baby that will be born in August. I am in my later 30ies, have had an awesome career, and am certain I can continue some aspects of my career while staying home with our newborn. We figure I'll be the primary caregiver until she starts school then I'll go back to real work. But in the meantime, our finances are fine and I'll be doing some working from home but my primary responsibility will be seeing that my daughter is brought up well. I just don't see why we should pay someone else to raise our child for the expense aspect but also the nurturing aspect as we believe having someone who loves her is the best possible situation for her care. My family and friends say shit to me like "oh what a waste of your education" and "why would you want to kill your career this way!" And other hurtful snide comments about our decision for me to be a full time parent! Even my mother, who had a terrible time finding a babysitter for me and actually found one that was abusing me at age 3, was a first upset that I won't put my child in daycare and return to work.... What happened to this world? Why is it that women (and men) are shamed for wanting to take care of their child!!? Another family member told me that I'll hate being home and I'll lose myself by being with a baby 24/7. Well guess what, for 37 years of my life I've been with myself, I'm ready to give myself to new life, the next generation, and make sure I'm raising the best possible human I can. A human who will eventually contribute to this society and possibly even support my judgmental family members!! Does anyone else face this kind of push back? Why are they doing this?