Still a mama after a miscarriage?

Morgan • I'm not a regular mom. I'm a dog mom. 🐶 TTC a 💙💚💛❤ this year.

So I was at the store shopping with my mom earlier today and I asked "What do you think I should get Trav (my boyfriend) for Father's day?" She looked at me and responded "Why? He's not a father."

We miscarried our first at almost 11 weeks a little over 2 months ago. That was the most hurtful thing I have ever heard from her on this subject. I told her that we were, indeed, still parents, our baby just wasn't here anymore. I must have looked very hurt because she said she didn't mean to step on my toes, but that we apparently differed in opinions on that. She's never had a miscarriage but she states that she wouldn't feel any differently on the subject even if she had. What do you guys think? Are you still parents even after a miscarriage?