Emergency Cerclage / incompetent cervix

Rhaivyn • I am 19 on my first baby ❤️👶🏾 . Really would like some other moms to talk too . Due October 19th 🚼
At my 20 week anatomy exam my doctor noticed my cervix is shortened so she told me to take it easy and start using progesterone gel to help with my cervix ... A week went by and on Monday I was feeling pressure going on and I thought I was having contractions ... I went to the hospital and I was fully dialated and my baby was literally about to fall out !!! I have never in my life been so scared ... My doctor did an emergency cerclage (which is usually done at 13 weeks) to hold my baby in . ... Well the procedure went well and I got to go home the next day and I've been in some pain ... It's been 5 days and I woke up this morning and was spotting I immediately called my doctor and she told me the spotting is from the procedure and to not be alarmed . I have been so scared and paranoid every since I came home and I don't know what to do to ease all my tension ... Has anyone else experienced a cerclage for a incompetent cervix ?? I need answer to help ease my mind a little bit . Thank you so much