Hope for longer cycles. BFP!


Hi ladies,

Just wanted to share my first cycle trying to conceive, with anyone who has long/irregular cycles.

This was my first cycle ttc, leading up to this cycle as well as throughout there was much anxiety and stress as i have had long and irreg. Cycles for several years.

We started hopful but as each day passed without any sign of ovulation my doubts set in. Until finally on cycle day 58 i got a positive OPK!

Then the tww began. I was hopfull yet was preparing myself for another cycle of ttc and hopefully a shorter cycle this time around.

Luckily this cycle has blessed us with a bfp on cycle day 68, @10dpo.

Some symptoms i experienced in the tww were-

4dpo: a lot of creamy cm, soaked panties

5dpo: again an abundance of creamy cm, as well as some light cramping.

6dpo: abundance of cm, cramping that is a little more uncomfortable and causing some discomfort down my right leg.

7dpo: light cramping, heavy creamy cm.

8dpo: no cramping, cm has decreased, but some globs of yellow type cm. Breasts have the mildest bit of tenderness on the sides. Increased urination, fatigue (was out cold by 8pm)

9dpo: yellow cm globs continue, breast tender throughout, increased urination, as well as increased water consumption(linked?), fatigue (out cold by 9)

10dpo: bfp!!! Pretty faint but definitely there. Breast tenderness and thick cm.

Since bfp i have continued to have some fatigue as well as swollen tender breasts. Frequent urination.

Wishing everyone the best on their ttc journey.

Hope this will bring some comfort to those with longer irreg. Cycles.