I wanna cry...am I over-reacting, anybody else going thru this?

Me and my husband was talking about starting a family. I really want to start a family and my husband said he's also ready but he told me I have to lose 50 pounds first cause he don't want me to be 200+ pounds after I have the baby. Then he said he don't think I'm gonna do it cause I'm not all that active that why he made the bet. Does that mean he's not ready to have a baby. But It hurt my feelings I'm 5'6 in height I'm 23 years old and I weigh 180 pounds. I use to be bulimic when I was like 11 or 12...I've grown pass that stage of my life but I'm starting to feel somewhat how I felt when I was that age about my body. My husband been knew about my past history but it took me awhile to accept myself the way I am. And now the man who always told me  how beautiful and perfect I am is telling me to loose weight is starting to make me feel insecure. I really really want a child so I will lose the weight but idk how long it will take me and it's making me depressed.