Needing to Vent!!!

I am not sure if it's just my hormones or if it's still a touchy subject. My dad passed away in April this year at 48yrs old. My boyfriend and I moved in to what used to be my dads house along with my brother so we wouldn't lose what my dad worked so hard for. Unfortunately we can't do it with some extra help so we have some roommates. They have been helping my brother paint the house and do some handy work around the house as well which I am greatful for. The last few days they have been punting the living room and tonight I came home to find my dads ashes and a picture I had of him on our chimney downstairs  in one of those milk crate things, and it made me super mad and extremely emotional. I understand they needed to move it out of the way but to find it in that crate to me was very disrespectful. They could have simply just moved it somewhere else but to put it in a CRATE!!! I don't know it might be my hormones or my recent loss, but I am very upset right now. Am I being rediculous or am I right for being so upset? What do you guys think?