I am writing in hopes that this story may help some of you trying and give some early symptoms I'm experiencing.

Glow told me my ovulation window should start on the first of June, with my peak day June 4. However, I started getting egg white discharge on the 30th of May and figured it was ovulation time. So we tried the next two days before I had to attend a conference in Minneapolis. That means we only tried May 31st and June 1st.

Looking back at my Glow logs, I started logging cramps beginning on the 9th (I think 9 days DPO based on discharge). It was different than period cramps, it felt like a really deep, dull ache. Still I felt AF was coming earlier than expected. I had no breast tenderness or anything like that. Yesterday I used the bathroom more than I ever have in my life. I thought these are two things that I've never experienced before. And yesterday was officially the first day of missed period.

I took a EPT and the result was VERY faint. I verified with a digital that said Pregant 2-3 weeks.

So just as a note

-I do think I ovulated earlier than Glow expected.

-The very first sign (or abnormal physical characteristic) was a dull cramp.

- That was followed by frequent urination.

- I tested first day of missed period and result was still really faint on EPT.