Breastpumping on the Clock


My husband was telling me this morning about his coworker who breastpumps about 2-3 times during the work day. Each time is about 30 minutes long. It makes all of his coworkers irritated because when they need her they can't just ask her to stop and come help them.

I hadn't given this much thought, but I always assumed I would use my lunchbreak to pump. I get an hour and that is long enough. I know for a fact my husband and his coworkers get an hour lunch. Plus, all the women I know and work with use their lunch hour to pump. One does so in her office and warms up her lunch. The others go home and pump because they live close by.

How do you feel about getting paid to pump?? I don't want to be a monster about this topic, but I think it's kind of rude to your employer. You can pump in the morning or after work as well. I mean, you decided to have the baby, not your boss. And I feel employees with kids have more flexibility as it is. Not that it's not needed at times!