I really need support right now-please dont be mean

Nothing is going right and my husband doesn't have my back 😢
I wanted an all natural, drug free, vaginal, and induction free birth but didn't get it. My son stayed in until 42 weeks so I had to induce. The induction was seriously painful, so my husband convinced me into getting the epidural. Then, ended up having a c section because my almost 10lb baby boy was stuck in the birth canal.
The only thing (i thought) i had control over was breastfeeding. I knew even before I got pregnant that I would breastfeed for six months at least.
Then at the hospital I was told I would need to use a nipple shield to feed the baby because my nipples are flat-strike 1
My husband said he wanted to help out with feeding so I started pumping at two weeks. Now my husband sleeps through the night and doesn't help at all, even when hes not working. Baby boy now prefers bottle over breast because it comes out faster-strike 2
The doctor told us on Wednesday that my son isn't gaining enough weight because he's not getting enough milk. My supply is low because he doesn't want to feed off of my breast and I only pump 2-3 ounces-strike 3
Now I have to use formula...
I'm still pumping but I barely make anything and I miss having my baby on my body. My husband gets mad when I still try to breastfeed because he says it atresses the baby out and he's worried about him not gaining weight. He basically wants me to give up my dream of giving the baby breastmilk and just go straight to all formula.
I can't stop crying because this was the only thing I really thought I could do. And he is just so mean and unsupportive.
Should I give up like he wants me too?