Insecurity, i need some help.


Hey, so i have a question girls. Im currently having so many insecure toughts about something that just happened.

My boyfriend told his friend he had some feelings for this other girl. Thay it was something small but still. He didnt want to leave me. And the way i found out was by mistake as i didnt realize it wasn't my stuff i was looking at.

I confronted him and told him to choose between me and her. If he loved me enough he would forget about her and all those other stuff ya know.

He said he deleted her number and everything, he says he loves me and has always said he wants me to be with him forever. And said the same yesterday (when i confronted him)

I am currently very insecure and i have depression and anxiety. Can you guys help me out in this situation as to what to think and do? Am i in a mistake by treating with with kindness and trying to understand? I really love him and we have know each other for years and were bestfriends before this relationship.

Any advice? Thank you guys so much...