What on earth will be do?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My boyfriend and I do the "no i love you more" thing all the time. Last night he told me he'd prove it when I see him on Monday. How is he gonna prove he loves me more? We've been dating a little more than a month and we've just hugged and kissed but not make out, etc. What do you think he'll do?? I'm in high school, and I haven't had too many boyfriends, just 3 including him, the other 2 lasted about 4 months (obviously at different times) and I never went farther than kissing with them. So it makes me a lil nervous! Any advice? What do you think he'll do? He won't tell me! I don't think he's giving me anything by the way he talks, it sounds like an action that's what makes me nervous! But who knows ! He keeps saying it's not bad so I'm not sureΒ