Relationship advice

Okay so today me and my big of almost 7 months were at the mall. We were walking and this sales lady comes up to me and asked me do you straighten your hair I think you should look at my straighteners I have a great one for you. But I quickly interrupted her and said no no I'm fine. I just find these people very insistent ( I know that's how they make they're money by how much they sell but I was just trying to keep on walking). Okay well then as soon as I said that my boyfriend looks up from his phone and says "wow you have no manners at all that was very rude & goes back to being on his phone again". Also during most of our time here at the mall (less than 2 hours) he was constantly on his phone while I was talking and just to him self. Now we had gone to the Apple Store and I was waiting on an employee to help me there and he looks at the time and says man look it's almost 7. (We weren't there for over 10 minutes) He has never really been impatient with me EVER but this time he was. Should I be bothered or was he in the right to say I was rude to the sales lady.