UPDATE! 💗 How to feed baby - undecided

So I'm a secound time mum and with my 1st I knew straight away I was going to breastfeed, however when it came to it I struggled like mad to get her to latch. I spent the first few weeks dreading every feed and bursting into tears as she was so hungry and crying (she kept loosing weight too) but no matter what I did it just didn't work even after going back to the hospital for 2 nights and getting help from Midwifes. Anyway so I then exclusively expressed for a 3 months before move to formula.
This time round though I have no idea what I want to do. Part of me wants to try again as if it works it would be easier but another part just thinks go for formula as I think I would feel completely stress free from the get go as I really didn't enjoy the first few weeks with my eldest and as I'm not planning on having anymore I want to enjoy this as much as possible.
Please can I have some advice as I am someone who needs to be organised but I'm stressing right now as I literally have no idea and I don't want to worry about this whilst I'm in labour! Lol
Let's not turn this into the usual argument either (my pregnancy hormones can't take it!) - happy mum, happy baby and all that! :) TIA x
UPDATE: Cadence Oliva Lake was born on the 8th July at 14.58 weighing 6lbs7- will do my birth story at some point too!
Cadence took to breast feeding straight away and at her 3 day check up she only lost 1.7% of her birth weight and here in the UK they allow for a loss of upto 10%! Thanks for all the advice ladies and I'm glad I decided to give it a go - although I'm not sure my nipples feel the same way right now 😂 xxx