Rant * narcissistic mother

HALEY • @bedtime my kids turn in to dehydrated philosophers who need a hug. 😍😘
I love my mom. (Back story)But she has always been jealous of me since puberty,.. How do I know this because she became a alcoholic and would yell at me how much she hated me for how I looked, how much attention I would "get"... Well needless to say dealing with her has always been difficult. 
She decided to get sober after I have my first LO, with my threat of her not being allowed to see him. 
Well, addicts have to make that choice for them selves.. So she failed. 
I didn't realize it was bad until I moved in with them after my divorce. She took on alcohol annnnd pills 😕
I met the most incredible Man and actually found my best friend for life! 
After a horrible first marriage I swore I wouldn't date or marry.. Lol well this guy swept me off my feet. 
I would have though my mom was happy for me... Nope 
Two years into our relationship he pops the question, total yes! 
That day we sat down with my parents and told them face to face about the exciting news. My dad was super happy he loves my husband.. But my mom turned into smeagel.. And hissed and yelled "so what? Your fucking leaving now?? With this .....man?"
She was drunk.
It went on for hours her crying. Her saying her life was over. She wanted to kill her self☹️ she took our moment .
(Present day)
The day after my engagement 
I had placed my cell phone out for her  replaying the video of her acting out. 
She decided she needed help. 
She did not remember the whole day. 
And acted surprised when she saw my hand with ring on. 
She came home later that night with AA material. She decided to go to her first meeting. Yay! 
Well fast forward. We are pregnant. And you could imagine she makes as much as she can about her. 
She refers to the baby as "her baby" she is upset with me all the time.. 
It's a big stress and mental warfare. 
We are renting their back house currently .  (I know I know ... Get the hell out right?? Lol)
We live in the Bay Area and have been saving up for a home .. We just need a couple more months. 
This past weekend I have had contractions and I did not tell her or anyone, went to my doctors and he sent me to the hospital because of how strong they were.. Well everything is still fine. 
My mom found out and started acting up. Asked me if I was "going to tell them when I was in labor" 
I am so annoyed with her at this point I snapped... I said 
Sure, you will know, but you won't be allowed in my labor room during the birth. You stress me out. And the one thing I need is peace not 1000 pictures of every person that comes in my room... Or a million questions. You can visit up until I need to push but I want it to be me and my husband alone for when it's time. 
She blew a gasket!!! 
Apparently I'm the most selfish daughter, ungrateful, disrespectful ..blah blah blah 
Fuck that. 
I won't allow her emotional abuse to control me or MY family.