Hoping for the best

Natalie • 22, Married & mother to my beautiful Ayva Raylynn.. Pregnant with baby #2 :) baby dust to all of you beautiful ladies!
Well I'm 4dpo and I have a wet feeling in my undies most of the day, but I haven't seen much so I did the "cm check" and I have creamy discharge (I usually do, but not as much as I'm currently seeing) and it's super "creamy" if that makes sense it's not so much as "watery/creamy" I know it's EARLY lol no need to tell me... I'm just saying I'm praying this is a good sign. I had the same with my first pregnancy as far as I can remember but that was when I already found out I was pregnant.. So ahhhh😫😫 I'm getting impatient lol I'm so anxious.. I'll be waiting until my expected period to test though.. I just had to share this with whoever cares enough to actually read!! 😁 2ww sucks!!!!!! But I'm here with ya ladies ☺️ good luck and baby dust to you all💕✨