I don't feel good enough.

I'm sorry in advance for the self pity that this post may come across as. I just find it easier to write my emotions down and appreciate any feedback from someone who may have felt the same. A little bit about me, I'm a 26 soon to be 27 year old single mom. I have been single ever since I was about 4 months pregnant with my daughter. I don't count any of my week long flings as a relationship of course, or drunken hookups. Anyways, I am starting to lose hope that I will ever be good enough for someone. I am a bigger girl with lots of insecurities and anxieties. I am happy with my life sometimes and other days I'm miserable. I try my hardest to be a good mom and my daughter has a great relationship with her dad. Everyday on Facebook it seems like people my age and younger are getting married and its heart breaking for me to see. I have a dating profile but every man I see on there is either too good looking or into travelling the world and doing sports which I don't do either of. I am trying to focus on my daughter and myself but the nights are getting lonelier And I'm losing hope.