Seeking advice...


My fiance has gained a good bit of weight since we've been together. Enough to cause dark red stretch marks covering his sides and lower stomach. I've told him I'd get us both gym memberships and we'd both go on a diet. But he has severe asthma and always has asthma attacks so he says a gym membership would be pointless and just dieting wouldn't do anything. I try to be supportive but I always want to tell him nothing is going to change unless you do something about it but I don't want to upset him. I was hoping someone on here maybe has delt with this situation or one similar and could she'd some light and tips so I can help him get on the right track to losing weight. We've cut fast food out of our diet for the most part and I've started packing him lunch.

Diet tips, lunch/meal recipes, workouts for asthmatics, anything to help. Thank you in advance!