Two days early 💙

Allissa • Our little man arrived 6•12•16 and we are so in love 💙💙
So Friday (6/10) I wasn't feeling my little man move and had a little bit of anxiety so I called my doctor to see what I should do and they said to head to the hospital to be monitored, because it's very uncommon at 39+5 to feel no movement. Got to the hospital, they monitored me and decided to admit me because my BP was a little high. At this point I was only dilated to 1 cm and 85% effaced. So we spent the night, in the morning they discharged me  because my BP had regulated. We were walking to the truck and I said to my boyfriend, we'll be back today. I've been having contractions all morning and they're 4 minutes apart. So we went home. By the time we got home my pain was probably a 6 on a scale of 1-10. I tried to sleep it off, and it wasn't working! At 4:30 I got up to go to the bathroom, and I noticed I had lost my mucus plug. So I went back to the couch and the pain started to get worse. At 5:00 I sat up to drink some water and felt a little snap and a gush of fluid. I went and got my boyfriend and said its time to go.
We got to the hospital at about quarter to 6. Was readjusted by the same nurse who discharged me that morning. She checked my cervix again and said I was now a 2 and still 85% effaced. By 7 I was getting my IV of fentanyl. I was only allowed 4 doses and the IV pain meds were not helping with anything! So after my second dose I decided I needed something else. My entire pregnancy I swore I wouldn't get an epidural. I am terrified of them for some reason. But at 9 I told the nurse I needed one. After I got my epidural it was smooth sailing. I felt great. Couldn't feel ANY contractions. They checked me at midnight and I was now dilated to a 6 and 90% effaced. I decided it was time to try and take a nap. The nurse came in at quarter to 2, and said she wanted to check me again because she noticed baby was having some drops in his HR. She reached in there and said woah, I'm gonna go call your doctor, you're ready. 
My doctor got there at 2:30 and we started pushing. I pushed off and on from 2:30 and at 4:01 am on 6/12/16, just two days before
my due date. Our baby boy was born weighing in at 7lbs 3oz and he was 21 inches long. They immediately placed him on my chest and he was not breathing and was blue as the sky. They took him off me and over to the warmer. At that point a full code was called and every nurse on the floor was in my room trying to resuscitate my baby boy. They quickly got him to recover. What had happened was he inhaled a bunch of amniotic fluid and his lungs were filled. Once they suctioned him out he was pink and crying. We were discharged just over 24 hours after he entered the world. He is a week old today and is happy and healthy as can be. We couldn't be more in love 💙💙