Poem the patient one

Rachel • TTC for almost two years! Praying this app will help
The subject comes up, and again my words are at a loss! 
As I feel a deep sting inside my heart at just the thought.
Beautiful images dance inside my head, as I think of what I long for,
A yellow painted house a bay window and an open door 
Young children catching bubbles in the summertime breeze,
A tall glass of lemonade to set the summer heat at ease.
Someone calling me mommy that is really all I need
Someone to make my family complete 
Someone for me to tuck in at night,
Then say a prayer and turn on their night light!
I'll even take the tantrums and screaming and the pain
I'll even take them cursing my name.
I'll even take the sleepless nights, if it means I'll get to be a mom
To hold just a tiny hand inside my palm.
To look at a face that has tiny little lips And a perfect little nose
Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes
God this is my heart's desire and I give it back to you!
Fill me once again with hope, make me feel renewed
I know my day will someday come
Its just hard being the patient one