Late Period Someone Help Me :(

You guys my period is 9 days late. I am 18 years old and i am sexually active. I tend to get alot of late periods but i just have a bad feeling about this one. 
Last month (May) my period was 8 days late, but this past week ive felt a little nauseous and i get pains here and there which usually lead to my period but its atill late. I keep in mind ive been super stressed out over the past few days and i havent really slept well because of it. I had sex but according to my <a href="">EVE</a> chart i wasn't ovulating.(I know its not 100% accurate and sometimes ovulating happens randomly) 
I dont know what to do :( 
Should i go to my doctor? I dont wanna waste money on a home test in case its too early to tell.  My boyfriend and I broke up and we're still close but i mean to top it all off he leaves in a week to the army for a really long time. And my parents aren't exactly supportive to young ones with children so im not exactly ready to ask them for help. 
I hope you guys read and comment :(