Need some comebacks!


So my boyfriends cousin has turned into the complete opposite if how she was six months ago, her political stances, her relationship stances, her moral stances, all of it. It flipped 180° about 6 months ago.

Now regardless of how long my boyfriend and I have been together, (I don't feel like that's a factor, those who have been on glow more than a year will probably know how long, if we've crossed paths. I bitched that he wouldn't propose for years lol).

But anyways his cousin wanted us to become pregnant so badly, but recently changed her views and decided that it would be a sin if we become pregnant before marriage, (careers come first for us!) and likes to point that out any chance she can.

She uses the same lines with little variations, and my boyfriend doesn't like to confront others in his family, he works with his family so it's awkward for him and causes tension.

So I'm looking for responses to,

"Babies out of wedlock will become... (negative trait)"

"Have you thought about what it's going to be like being a single mother?"

"I feel sorry for your baby, it'll never have a loving home..."

"You're going to hell and so is your baby."

"I'd prefer for you to be married before it's born."

"It's good you had a miscarriage, only your baby had to go to hell, you didn't."


"Aren't you sad you're nothing but a baby mama?"

And clever remarks that will shut her mouth will be gratefully appreciated!