birth control to no birth control. No AF

So, my last period was May 25-28, I was on birth control. I took my last birth control pill May 29 because we'd like to start TTC in a couple months. Well, I still haven't had a period yet and glow said AF was due June 19. Should I take a test or just keep waiting it out? Anyone have experience with this? I know it'll be different because I'm not on birth control anymore. But the other reason I'm asking is because my nipples are insanely sore and have been for a couple days, and I've NEVER had that before. Ever. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I'm just looking for input or advice from someone who has had a similar experience. Thanks!
Oh, and side-note: we've been using condoms but the second time we used one, it did break and we were unaware until after.